#BookBlitz #Giveaway: 'Light the Way' by Joe Kipling


a surname like Kipling, Joes' future as a writer might have been predetermined



. . . . well at least it assured her a good place on the bookshelves.


avid traveller she spent many years backpacking around the world and has by

pure luck managed to avoid catastrophe, although she has been known to miss a

flight or two.

She now lives in West Yorkshire and if she's not at home

writing she’ll be found hiking in the hills around her house with her dog Rosie.

Joes debut novel Blinded by the Light was published by

Cillian Press in 2013. Light the Way is her follow up novel and the 2nd

book in the UnionTrilogy.

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Having escaped the

boundary and the tyranny of the Neighbourhood and now under the protection of

the Union, MaryAnn Hunter is slowly re-building her life as a fugitive on the


When a friend asks for

help MaryAnn finds herself on a dangerous rescue mission that takes her on a

terrifying journey and back into the desperate clutches of the Director and the


MaryAnn faces a fight for

survival against insurmountable odds - but is it a fight she is willing to win

at any cost?

Light the Way is the second

book in The Union Trilogy

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Let's get to know the main characters! 

MaryAnn Hunter is

15 years old and her life in the Neighbourhood as an Alpha was dominated by

fashion, celebrity and a desperate need to fit in. Having given up this

position of privilege to join her brother Daryl and Uncle Patrick on the

Outside she struggles to come to terms with the realities of life in the Union

caves.  MaryAnn has a real empathy for

others and a strong understanding of right and wrong. 

Daryl Hunter is

MaryAnn’s older brother. He ran away from home when he was 15 to join the Union

and before the events of Blinded by the Light they hadn’t been in contact for a

number of years. With his messy dark hair and slender frame he makes an

unlikely resistance fighter. However along with his best friend Peter and

sidekick Flash Gordon they make a formidable team. 


Patrick Hunter is

MaryAnn and Daryl’s uncle. He’s the leader of the Union, a rebel group fighting

for the people left on the Outside after a Flu virus decimated the UK. He cares

about his extended family, but the thing closest to his heart is the fight for

equality and he will go to any lengths to bring down the Neighbourhood.

Peter Mallory is

a solider in the Union. He’s Daryl’s best friend and they share a passion for

Sci-fi and superhoeros. He even named his dog and faithful sidekick after Flash

Gordon. Peter’s first impression of MaryAnn was not very favorable and this does

cause some friction. Peter can be stubborn and a little arrogant but remember

not to call him ‘Petey.’

The Director is

the leader of the Light and ruler of the Manchester Neighbourhood. He’s tall, attractive

and the embodiment of everything that the Light, values. He’s a charismatic and

popular leader, but beneath the shiny veneer there’s a cold and calculating

heart.  He cherishes his position and

will go to any lengths to keep it.

Charlotte Swift

is a new POV character introduced in Light the Way. She’s 13 and lives a simple

but comfortable life on her family farm.

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