#free #read: ‘The Undead Must Die, Part I- Chapter 2’ (Who kidnapped Floriana?)

Floriana, a British art student, travels to Greece to admire and study the magnificent ancient Greek artefacts. She couldn’t imagine, though, that a morning excursion to cape Sounion would end to her abduction.
Find out who, where and why by reading 'The Undead Must Die' - Chapter 2.
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SHE DIDN’T ENJOY going to their neighborhood playground. Her mother used to urge her to go, hoping she would make friends with other children.
Her mother couldn’t understand why she didn’t like playing with other children. The truth is, she loathed mingling with other kids. They used to mock her for her red hair and freckles. They were irreducible, noisy, and dumb. None of them knew by heart all the tales of Greek mythology.
But above all, she did not like the swing sets. That ceaseless back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... How giddy she was feeling... Her mom should take her out from there, but her mother was nowhere to be seen. She had to shout, cry out for her mom, beseech to take her out of there.
“Mom!” she yelled. She felt her lips move, but she didn’t hear her voice. She took a deep breath and released the loudest cry her throat and lungs could give. Once again, she didn’t hear her voice. Everything around her began to darken and she tried to shout again.
"Mom! Mom!" Her mouth opened, however no sound came out. That couldn’t be happening. She was yelling out as hard as she could. She was pushing herself so intensely that her throat and lungs felt like burning. And she was swirling, whirling, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...
Someone grabbed her hand. It was a woman. It was her mom. Her mother came to her rescue. She will take me out of this hell. She was beset by darkness, but soon her troubles would come to an end.
“Only if I had given birth to you when I was ten, I would have been your mom.”
She tried to open her eyes, but a bright, blinding light forced her to close them again.
“Don’t be afraid, you are not in danger,” a female voice told her.
As soon as her eyes became accustomed to the light, she looked around. She was lying on a bed. She was in a room that looked like a ship's cabin. A shapely brunette was sitting on a white sofa right next to the bed. Everything was swaying rhythmically right and left. She felt her body heavy, as if it was sinking in a sand dune.
“Where am I?”
This time she heard her own voice asking the question, but she did not recognize it. What the heck was happening?
“We are on a yacht. You might be feeling odd for a few hours but you will get better soon. No need for you to worry, everything is fine. At least for now,” the young woman announced in a strict voice.
“I’m feeling sick... My head... My stomach... How the heck did I end up here?”
“The good old chloroform. This is the answer to everything you asked. I’m sorry. We had to improvise, and we had to do it fast.”
“Chloroform? I do not understand. How?...”
“Eric. Remember him? He gave you a rose when he met you outside that ancient temple. We had it soaked with chloroform, but we couldn’t be sure how effective it would be and how quickly it would take effect. Luckily for us, you didn’t only smell that rose, you stuck your nose in it.”
“Eric! I should have known better.” A man like him couldn’t have been allured by her uncombed hair and her dusty shoes.
“Don’t feel embarrassed. No one resists Eric.”
“Why? I mean why did you do that to me? What do you want from me? And why am I on a yacht?”
She felt a twitching inside her stomach like her guts were dancing inside her abdomen.
“Easy, gal!” The attractive woman stood up, took a bucket that was placed near the sofa and set it before Floriana. She was dressed in black and a black ring adorned her middle finger.
“You can consign your … goods in here. You are still under the influence of the drug. It will pass in a few hours. Until then, you should rest and have a good sleep. Either way, you can’t go anywhere. We’re in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.”

It was then that Floriana realized that sleeping was the best option she had, at least for the moment.


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