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#ReleaseBlitz: 'When She Comes Undone, Part One' by Vanessa Gray

Chloe Dawson learned early that life wasn't easy. If it were, her parents never would have split up, leaving her to deal with the fallout at eight years old. If it were, her mother's vice wouldn't have driven a wedge between them. Though she comes to face trials most people only confront in their nightmares, she realizes she can't wake up from her life. Instead, she looks her problems in the eye, afraid yet standing her ground. But even the strongest need rescuing … Just when she feels her head dipping below the surface, Caleb Holt appears in her life. Unlike Chloe, he's run far from his past, into the arms of an uncertain future. At the request of a dying man, he decides to stop running and fulfill a promise—one which forbids him from interacting with Chloe and forces him to remain her secret benefactor. Keeping out of sight, he watches with his eyes, but soon discovers that his heart has been just as vigilant. Aggressive is his middle name, but h

#ReleaseBlitz: 'Beyond Anything In All Creation' by Christian Brown

Beyond Anything In All Creation Beyond Height and Depths Trilogy Book Three Christian Brown Genre: Paranormal Romance/Young Adult Publisher: C. Brown Publisher Date of Publication: January 13, 2015 ASIN: B00P4P2ML6 Number of pages: 180 Word Count: 55, 502 Book Description: She’s anxious, but she might also be right. I do hope it’s not the end of the world. What do I know about this kind of stuff? I’m not sure what else to think. The world hasn’t exactly been in the best shape recently. The long extinct volcanoes of our island home, as well as other parts of the world, still show signs of erupting at any moment. Earthquakes are a daily occurrence. The sun has almost completely vanished, leaving the world in a state of constant twilight. Fire has been falling from the sky off and on here for the last few weeks; meanwhile, other parts of the world seem to be in the middle of a miniature ice age, and the bodies of water that aren’t frozen have steam ris

#Bloggers #Kindle #Fire #Giveaway: Kathleen Kelly's Savage Angels MC 1YR Anniversary Celebrations

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#Spotlight #CharacterCasting #Giveaway: 'Generation Chronicles Book 1 & 2' by Ellison Blackburn

Lets start out learning a bit about these two fabulous books in this Chronicles Regeneration X Regeneration X is a story about having choices and dealing with the consequences; creating new memories and letting others fade; and making sacrifices in pursuit of happiness. At one time or another, you’ve probably said or thought, “In hindsight, …” So, what happens when To have been, becomes something that can be changed? In the not too distance future, Charley faces a hard choice: whether or not to follow her long since abandoned dreams. Journey with her on a quest, and you’ll be asking, “If I could change the past, would I?” Delve into this simple question, because one day soon, you too, may have that chance. Our world is flying forward—fast; would you glide, or take the risk and soar?  To be or to have been ... THAT is the question. Purchase RegenerationX here :  Universal Amazon Link Progeny Nineteen-year-old, Emery Kidd is one of two historians for her

#Spotlight: 'Fallen From Grace Series' by Kate Bonham

Fate (Book #1 Fallen from Grace)     Ace is a reaper for Purgatory; calming lost souls while they await their final judgment. His latest Death Report was a job like any other, until he interrupts the demons that have been unleashed to kill her. She was just meant to be a job, but she turned out to be so much more. Faye was unprepared for Ace's entry into her life. Never before had she met anyone who could make her heart skip a beat even as he froze it with fear. Now, not only had he saved her from demons from Hell, he was trying to tell her she wasn't human. A war has begun between the Fallen and Archangels. The winner gets power over all realms. Has the world's Fate been determined before Faye's true destiny can begin? Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | iBooks | Kobo | Nook   Uprising (Book #2 Fallen from Grace)     Lee had never known anything but running and hiding from the 'mafia' looking for her Uncle Sam. Th