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We want #Sia and #LoïcNottet to work together #SiaLoic

Loïc Nottet is a young Belgian singer, composer and dancer. Discovered by “The Voice Belgique” in 2014, Loïc stand out for his distinguished voice and vivid stage performances. After he finished as runner-up, Loïc recorded a cover and created a video clip of “ Chandelier ” , which became viral, retweeted even by Sia herself. Loïc Nottet was chosen to represent Belgium at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. He composed his first ever single, “Rhythm Inside” and BJ Scott, his coach in “The Voice Belgique”, wrote the lyrics. In May 2015, Loïc Nottet performed his up-tempo song at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria. He qualified to the final where he placed 4 th with 217 points, setting a new record score for a Belgian entry in the contest. “Rhythm Inside” became the second biggest iTunes hit after the winning song "Heroes" from Sweden. It entered the iTunes charts in no less than 35 countries, from Europe to Australia. A music video to accom