#HalloweenBlitz (Day 8) #Interview #Giveaway: Freaked by Juli Caldwell "

Aisi Turay is losing it. Literally.

A couple of months ago, she could see ghosts and help them move on, or vanquish demons in her way with a few choice insults. Now? Not so much, and she’s pretty sure her least favorite demon is behind it.

Malus is back. He’s stronger than the last time she faced him, wielding power she never imagined a demon could have. Aisi realizes that he’s just a henchman for something much worse…something that wants everyone she loves gone.

As Malus brings the worst he’s got and then some, Aisi wages a fight for her life, and maybe her soul. 

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Juli Caldwell has a degree in English from Weber State University. She is the author of Psyched and Freaked, YA paranormal suspense novels; sweet romances Arms Wide Open and Beyond Perfection: a latter-day romance; and Secrets of the Mine, an adventure fantasy tale for tweens and teens. She also freelances as an editor for kicks. She lives near the shores of the Great Salt Lake with her husband, two bookworm daughters, and a dog who sheds too much.

Q and A with the Author


A lot of authors I have noticed

have music as a way to help with their writing. Is this something that you have

used as well? If not what are some things you have used?

I can’t work with music on. Some people think in images

and visuals. I don’t. I hear my characters’ chatter, and music blocks it. It

probably doesn’t help much that I’m the girl who has to sing along at the top

of her lungs, which isn’t really great for concentrating on other things. When

I start writing, if nothing interrupts me, I don’t need much help. I get lost

for hours. My kids come home from school and I’m sitting there, braless with my

teeth not brushed, because I sat to jot down that one little idea and never got

up. Or I’ll be starving at 4 pm and then realize that I never stopped for lunch.

I’m a little like the absent-minded professor once I get going.

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