#Romantic #romance or #Erotica, #Valentine’s Week celebration: Casey Sheridan #GuestBlog

#Romantic #romance or #Erotica, #Valentine’s Week celebration, Day 3 and today's guest is Casey Sheridan, author of EPIC eBook Awards 2012 Finalist, Ruby Red Metallic.

Casey explains the differences between an erotic romance and an erotica novel.

" Erotic romance by definition is a romance with erotic elements (according to RWA). The main theme of the story is a romance and it usually has to have a HEA or HFN (happy for now) ending.

Erotica doesn't necessarily have to have any romance. There needs to be a well developed story, character development, etc. Erotica is not porn, so it's not just about inserting tab A into slot B. Usually, erotica doesn't have to have an HEA.

I think it depends on the author how much vivid and detailed sex scenes are in an erotic romance and an erotica, although erotica authors tend get very detailed.

Erotica usually uses language such as cock, pussy, etc. Erotic romance authors (some of them, anyway) use those words sparingly, substituting the sex for pussy, etc.
Happily ever after in erotic romance and erotica? As I stated above, erotic romance usually has HEA or HFN. Those are not necessary for erotica. HFN is nice, but, again, not necessary.

Should erotic romance and erotica authors publish under a pen name? That's a personal choice of the author. No one has the right to make that decision for them."



Like most authors, Casey Sheridan began writing when she was very young. It was later in life when she read her first piece of erotica and it was on a dare that she wrote her first erotic story.Casey enjoys writing erotica and erotic romance that is sensual and fun with unique story lines.

You can find her books through Breathless Press, Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks. Her short fiction is published on various erotic web­sites such as The Erotic Woman and Every night Erotica.

Her title, Ruby Red Metallic was an EPIC eBook Awards 2012 Finalist.

An introvert and lover of chocolate, Casey is happiest when writing. She enjoys spending time with close friends, watching movies, reading, and listening to music. She loves animals and volunteers to care for local feral/outdoor kitty pals.

You can find Casey on the Web at:

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