Halloween Countdown Blitz - Day 4: Sons of the Sphinx by Cheryl Carpinello

"Cindy M. Hogan is a bestselling author of young adult suspense and
action and adventure novels that always have a dash of clean romance. After her
first series, The Watched Series, skyrocketed her to number one, she hasn’t let
up and now has over 20 novels to her name.

She’s always on the move and never sits down to write, instead she walks
and talks into a recorder and lets her computer transcribe her words. If she
isn’t writing or editing, she’s teaching, gardening or doing crafts. You’ll
always find her listening to an audiobook while working in her park-like yard,
cooking or baking something delicious. She dreams to someday have a German
style bakery with a cute to-go window for Gelato.

Cindy loves to create and her most prized creation is her two amazing
daughters, and she secretly wishes they were teenagers again. She loves to be
home, but her husband is a die-hard traveler and takes her family around the
world. During her travels, she finds an endless supply of story ideas,
characters and settings, walking away with either a suntan or jetlag.

Her contagious laughter is the cure to almost anything. To read a novel
of hers is to see a piece of Cindy, as she puts her all into every novel she

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The Mafia has a stranglehold on
everything Kate loves, and Kate is determined to end it. First they claimed her
father, then destroyed her mother. The guy Kate cares for most is as much a
prisoner as the family who raised her. And now, after all she’s lost, the Mafia
wants to recruit her. But Kate has had enough. As long as the Mafia exists, she
and her loved ones will live and die in fear, cowering under a dark,
all-encompassing power. That leaves Kate with little choice. With the help of
her Mafia-boss grandmother and a desperate wish for freedom, Kate must risk
everyone she loves—and everything she is—to become the weapon that will take
the Mafia down once and for all. If you like thought provoking, action-filled
novels, you will love the latest action/adventure hit Kate Empowered by Cindy
M. Hogan. Buy Kate Empowered to continue the addicting Code of Silence Series and
enter the chilling and gripping world of the Mafia

~ Amazon CA

Top Ten List:

Favourite things

1.     pellet ice,
2.     chocolate,
3.     gardening,
4.     reading edge
of your seat movies, not to confused with horror-blech,
5.     hosting
6.     Halloween,
7.     my
unpredictable kids and hot husband,
8.     pastries,

9.     and peaceful

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