Summer Countdown Blitz - Day 14: 'Ascension' by C. Michelle Jefferies #giveaway

C. Michelle Jefferies is a writer who believes that the way to examine our souls is to explore the deep and dark as well as the shallow. To manipulate words in a way that makes a person think and maybe even second guess. Her worlds include suspense, urban fantasy, and an occasional twist of steampunk. When she is not writing, she can be found on the yoga mat, hand binding journals, dyeing cloth, and serving ginger tea. The author and creator divides her time between stories, projects, and mothering four of her seven children on the wild and windy plains of Wyoming.

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Living an unassuming life as a teacher for the Academy, the former assassin, Antony Danic, turned Speaker for the Devoted, would love to let the past stay there. However, as hard as he tries, his new identity, Noble Standing, can’t escape who Antony was. The widower, turned self-avowed bachelor doesn’t mean to fall for the red-headed sword instructor, Lyris Jaimes. Noble insists he’s better off single, but he is drawn to her in spite of his memories of Elite. Noble finds that courting her, however, isn’t easy. His interest in Lyris sets into motion a rivalry between him and a dangerous sociopath who wants her for himself. 
Regardless of the vow he made to never shed human blood again, Noble must reconcile his past with his present, and use his assassin skills and knowledge to keep himself and those he loves alive.

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Top Ten List:

1, I am 1/4 French Basque, (think Esmeralda in Hunchback of Notre Dame) 
2, I love the color turquoise blue, I painted my kitchen table black and blue. 
3, I am a red belt in Tang Soo Do and tested for my red belt when I was 8 months pregnant with my youngest. Including a double back round house kick to break a board. 
4, I have a classroom and a yoga studio in my basement.  
5, I love glassware, and collect it, I have depression glass, vintage Pyrex, English teapots, Japanese tea pots as well as saki sets, and unique serving dishes. 
6, I am a (sort of retired) breastfeeding counselor. 
7, I am a creator, I hand bind books, make soap and lotion, dye fabric, hand stretched frame drums, and make jewelry.
8, I have seven kids and one grandchild.
9, I am obsessed with anything Australian or Japanese.
10, I collect rocks and crystals, rusty metal, and feathers.

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