Red Velvet Ribbon: Spells & Potions Book Series


🎀Red Velvet Ribbon 🎀

Book One in my new

Spells & Potions
Book Series

Autumn, a young woman in her late twenties, thought she had found happiness in her life. She had a potentially successful career, she was financially independent, she was with a man she loved, and she felt loved. However, she always had that feeling that something was missing in her life, that she wasn’t complete...
Her bad feeling was right; nothing in her life was what it seemed to be, and one night she found out in the most heartbreaking way.
After a night of despair, she found herself lying in Hubbard Park with her clothes ripped and a strange man’s voice whispering in her mind.
Then she saw him, and her mind flooded with questions. Who was that man with the old-fashioned clothes and a gentleman’s manners? Why was he holding her red velvet ribbon in his hands? Did he really have growing fangs?
What does a young woman from Connecticut have to share with a four-centuries-old vampire more than both having a broken heart? And how can they heal each other’s wounds?
Find out in this fast-paced suspense paranormal romance with strong historical elements.
RED VELVET RIBBON is part of a new PRN series called Spells & Potions; a series of standalone paranormal novellas with strong historical and mystery elements.
RED VELVET RIBBON was first published in 2016 as an erotic romance; now it's relaunched and rebranded, as a clean paranormal romance.



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