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https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-4SpVVOw4DRY/Vzduf3gVWtI/AAAAAAAAJHQ/DrRKycyzxSM3oAtKUZbX2m9xGo4DNGwRgCLcB/s320/cover%2Bbig.png"My Perfect Mirror" is every person's reality check. Armed with the power and truth of God's word, it seeks to light up your life and bring clarity to your mind: so much that you would question everything else. You will be pleased to discover that all things have always been available to you in Christ Jesus.                                                                                                                                                                                 https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-BOEXunaMV0I/VmARMOjJkpI/AAAAAAAAHVo/81VMEDRif4k/s1600/Buy%2BHere.jpg
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Rosalyn discovered her love for writing as she wrote her final papers in college many years ago. A mother of four amazing young men and women, she is also a daughter, a cousin, a sister, an aunty, a wife and a friend, among many other diverse multicultural connections and experiences. 

 Every aspect of her life has given her various unique perspectives of the power of God.  She identifies herself primarily by her intimacy with God through Christ Jesus and by His Spirit, something she is very grateful for.  She enjoys writing and speaking about God, and about the beauty of the human life and human connections.  She is a vegan and enjoys trying out new and strange recipes. Loves to watch nature documentaries, game shows and PBS Independent Lens.

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“The various frames or perspectives of life that defined us according to sin, according to culture and other temporal issues, are no longer valid. Everything that goes against what God says to be true about us no longer has authority, because we know God’s truth. That is what Jesus died and rose again to reveal. He has delivered us and moved us into Himself. The only truth about us is what our maker knows and declares concerning us. It is only when you believe this that you will be empowered to ignore every other deceptive voice that seems real.”
My Perfect Mirror by Rosalyn U. Ikpatt (Page 22)


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