#ReleaseBlitz: 'Journey to Ecstasy' by Solera Winters

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Release Blitz

Journey to Ecstasy

(Olympian Seductions Book 2)

By Solera Winters

Taste the passion…

Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy, has always been shunned by the other Olympian gods. Needing to reclaim his lost passion he travels to Las Vegas to

meet his half-sister, Kory, and her husband Deven (Persephone and Hades). During a guest Dom stint at the famously secret hidden Palace of Hades sex show,

he encounters two submissives who recharge him. With these two mortals by his side, he decides to reestablish his cult, with the two as his priest and


Ariana, a banker on the fast track to become a board member before she’s thirty, needs to hide her after hours’ kink from her father, the bank president,

so when she agrees to submit to Sir Dion, she makes that part of their contract before she signs. Of course, hiding the fact she’s in a relationship with

two sexy men is not easy.

Tad, vice president of Labyrinth Casino, came to The UnderWorld with an ulterior motive. He never intended his breath would be taken away by the fun and

hot Dom and Ariana, his fellow submissive.

In a Journey to Ecstasy, all three will confront their inner demons, but will their newfound feelings prove enough to overcome the hidden secrets so the

ecstasy can take full flight into a three-way love of the ages?

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From the time Solera learned to read, she's possessed a colorful imagination and the desire to live life to the fullest. In childhood she began penning her

take off of Nancy Drew mysteries then graduated to sneaking her mother's romance novels to expand her visions of what is possible. This fueled a wanderlust

not only for faraway destinations, but for varied adventures.

She has experienced places as varied as Taos to Taiwan and traveled the world from the Scottish highlands searching for Jamie from Diana Gabaldon's

Outlander to the California gold rush fields looking for Gavin from Celeste DeBlasis' The Proud Breed, both of whom eluded her.

Instead, she found her perfect hero. Solera shares life with her one and only love who keeps both her imagination and reality diverse and invigorating.

She began writing as a portal to reminisce about her past experiences, as well as create visions of fantasies she still wants to enjoy. Her erotic stories

and poems can be found in several publications.

When she is not writing, she finds Las Vegas to be a wonderful combination of illusion and reality. From sauntering along the Strip in search of

inspirational characters to populate her erotic romance novels, to reveling in the endless entertainment opportunities in Sin City, Solera delights in

living her dream.





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