#KindleCountdown: 'The Last Man Book 1' by Tobias Wade

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last-manSome journeys you will make, and some journeys make you. 

-- An new young adult fantasy trilogy begins --

Farris did not believe in the old stories. Grandmother Rochette spoke of such strange things: monsters and magic and impossible heroes who could only exist in legend. But when Tom, her little brother, is kidnapped by the same monsters Grandmother spoke of, Farris is forced to change her view of reality in order to save him.

Following their trail sends Farris below the crust of the earth, where layer after layer of new worlds await. She travels both within her mind and without, taking a path of harrowing adventure and personal enlightenment as she tries to free Tom. Unlikely companions join her, from her faithful goat to a magical fish, and Sasha--a man who knows far more about her than he should.


Like C.S. Lewis and Philip Pullman? Then don’t miss this philosophical adventure!

About the Book

The Last Man Book I

by Tobias Wade


The Last Man #1


Young Adult



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Publication Date

January 30, 2016

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The Last Man Series

last-man  last-man2

The Last Man Book II - Coming July 21, 2016

last-man2We must accept what is before we can create what could be.

Farris has endured the land of fear, but her epic journey must continue as she pursues her brother deeper into the abyss. Nothing is as it seems in the surreal underground world, and she is tested by trials of pleasure, illusion, and love.

Farris’s friends walk by her side, but how can she dare place her trust in one of her companions when every possibility of deception promises certain death? Sasha would stop at nothing to bring her back safely, even if it meant losing her brother to do it. Riften's loyalty to his own people hints at ulterior agendas, and her enigmatic Guide has no qualms about manipulating her to do anything that might bring his freedom.

She cannot succeed alone. But trusting the wrong person could cost her everything.

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About Tobias Wade

Tobias WadeAs a child I constructed a spaceship capable of superluminal speeds powered by a fusion core reactor. The submission was denied by NASA on the grounds that it was made entirely of LEGOS. In high school I was told that I could do anything I wanted in life, while only being taught everything that I didn’t want to be. I probably deserved the detentions I received. In college I completed two bachelors of science in psychology and physiology and worked as a researching neuroscientist.

During my psychological studies it struck me as odd that I could learn so much about why humans behave without really understanding the intricacies of human nature. It occurred to me that I had learned more about the depths of human experience from reading Dostoyevsky than I ever had from my text books, and I was inspired to write professionally. I moved to Hollywood where I now write fantasy novels for IPP Books, perform script analysis for Underground Films, and write my own scripts through Creative I Works. 

In my stories, scripts, and books I create surreal worlds which utilize abstract scenarios to illustrate my values. I am drawn to themes of individuality, personal enlightenment, and the subjective quest of defining our purpose. I glorify man’s will to overcome all obstacles within himself and the ability to find beauty in all things, even tragedy.

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