Author Hunting Season

Do you like to attend book signings?  Do you like to collect author autographs?  Get this t-shirt or hoodie for a limited time only!  As soon as you start collecting signatures, it becomes a one-of-a-kind keepsake.  Take it with you to ALL of the book signings you attend!  Once you're done?  Wear it!  Frame it!  Turn it into a quilt!  Force your children to put it on for your family's holiday card! 

There are lots of colors available in both v-neck unisex tees and high quality hoodies. 

The print comes in two colors:

Teespring Campaign Expires 10/18/2016 - This means you have PLENTY of time to get one as a holiday gift for the avid reader under your roof! 

Jena Gregoire
Owner, Publicist, PA