#Excerpt #Giveaway: 'Copper Lake, Stutter Creek Series Book 3' by Ann Swann

They call him the Killer Cartographer because he carves the map coordinates of each victim on the femur of the one before. Then he tattoos the information on his skin. Can Detective Kendra Dean bring him in, or will she become his next tattoo?



Ann lives in Texas with her husband and rescue pets. She loves

libraries and book stores and owns two e-readers just for fun. Ann writes what

she likes to read.

 All For Love, a Contemporary Romance filled with heartache and hope, was Ann’s

first novel for 5 Prince Publishing. It has been on Amazon’s bestseller list

for Literary Fiction.

 Her Romantic Suspense series begins with


, which has been on Amazon’s bestseller list for Romantic

Suspense, and continues with her newest release, 


which one reader called “almost too scary.”

Book three will be out in 2015.

She also writes short fiction, which is usually speculative in

nature. To find out more simply contact Ann at one of the ways listed below, or

click on the STAY UPDATED button on her Amazon Author Page. 

 Connect with the Author Here:


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Character Casting
Detective Kendra Dean: Julia Roberts
Detective Woody Dean: Ryan Gosling
Dr. Edgar Stevens: Edward Furlong 
Candy Stevens: Amanda Seyfried


Edgar turned off Lilac Lane onto Robin Road.
He never failed to admire the old house as he approached. The two-story farmhouse sported unquestionable curb appeal with its white clapboard exterior and climbing, still-blooming trumpet vines. No matter which direction one approached the neat home, those orange tubular blooms stood out vividly against the pristine walls and fences.
He smiled. The panoramic view of his home filled him with pride and joy. It was his normal mask. Up until now, the stress of the last few months had taken that simple comfort away from him. He’d been unable to enjoy anything. All he could think of was what can I do to make things right again? To make everything the way it used to be, the way it should be?
He’d even found himself fantasizing about the house across the way, the one on Lilac Lane. The one where Ella Webb and her son lived alone in their small lilac encased farmhouse. And that wouldn’t do. NO. It would not do at all. Way too close to home. He wished he’d never met Ella Webb. But she was the owner of the most popular diner in town, the historic Drugstore CafĂ©. Everyone knew she lived alone with just her young son for company.

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