Review: True by Gwendolyn Gace

**I received an ARC from the author for an honest review. **

Debut author Gwendolyn Grace gave us a brilliantly crafted story about true feelings and the importance of second chances.

I immediately connected with the story and characters.  I loved the flashbacks on how the love story between the main characters began. All those flashbacks added anticipation to the story as I found myself waiting for something big to happen. The author has a liking to dialogues and the pace of the story was fast. Sometimes I felt like I was reading a movie! But most important True is about real life situations. The readers might recognize a situation they, or someone they know, have been into at some time in their lives.

I’m giving True 4.3 stars and I am looking forward to Gwendolyn Grace's next book.


Maci Dillon said…
Love this review Penny, it's short and sweet and a perfect summary of True.

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