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Author Rebecca Hamilton Shares Her 12 Steps to a Six Figure Author Career!

  Hey Authors! I’m really excited to be here today, at Penny’s request, to share with you a brief summary of what goes into building and maintaining a six figure author career! I often see authors chatting online and saying things like “Don’t quit your day job” and “most authors won’t make more than $100 publishing” – and while both of those statements can be true, they need context. Most authors won’t make money publishing because they don’t know what to do, and they’re not willing to learn. And while I wouldn’t suggest quitting your day job to start pursuing an author career, many of my students do end up quitting their day job once they put in the work to build their author career up to a full time income (which they can build up to in less than 5 hours a week, though it’s a faster build if you have more time at the start). Another thing I hear all the time is “Success is about who you know” or “Success comes down to luck.” Again, context is important. You can certainly gain success

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