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#Spotlight #Giveaway #Excerpt: 'Becky's Kiss' by Nicholas Fisher

Becky meets the boy of her dreams, too bad he keeps disappearing.

"It could not be worse for ninth grader Becky Michigan on her first day at a new school, sitting in beet juice and staining her white jeans in a classroom about to fill up with students. In the nick of time, a gorgeous blonde boy named Danny comes in and offers his over-sized baseball jersey so she can cover up, get to the office, and change. By the time she pulls the shirt over her head, however, he has mysteriously disappeared.

Becky scours the school in search of her dream-athlete and wonders why after contact with him she has magically gained the ability to throw a fastball ninety miles per hour! Instead of finding the answer, however, Becky's new skill pits her against the school bully and the entire varsity baseball team.

That night, after her exciting showdown in front of the entire school, Danny shows up at her bedroom window. If she will agree to meet him behind Rutledge High at midnight on the ball field…

Release Blitz for The Love Series: The Complete Box Set by Casey Clipper

The Love Series: The Complete Box Set
by Casey Clipper

Available for a limited time in a box set, all 4 novels of The Love Series for only ✨$.99!✨Over 1000 pages of former Navy SEALs, a mob boss & his henchman in one delicious series. ✨

The Love Series: The Complete Box Set

 All 4 novels for only $.99!



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January 23, 2016

Silent Love

Former Navy SEAL Sean Millen has been perfectly fine with his bachelorhood until recently, when he realizes he's unhappy with his single status. Unfortunately, his playboy reputation doesn't offer him the type of woman that could fulfill his days and nights as well as settle into the specific life he envisions. 

Four years ago, Beth Connors' world was entirely altered. Beth spends her days trying to remain invisible in order to avoid unwanted attention. Each night s…

#Review: 'See Me For Me' by Teya Peck

One wrong step changes Jocelyn’s Prima Ballerina’s life in one step...

A single

choice results in Jeremiah facing unbearable consequences... 

When these

two meet, it could be catastrophic or the answer to unspoken prayers.

Can love be

tested too far? Will hearts soften and hurts be forgiven? 

Or will too much

loss be too devastating to find hope?

One thing is

for sure, lives are about to change forever…

Her most recent accomplishment started in the summer of 2015, see previous page. Making her dad’s dream come true with publishing his works as well, as an emotional accomplishment. She is the 2016 local A.N.W.A. chapter (Snake River Writers) president, won NaNoWriMo and loves StoryMakers.
            Teya has been writing for as long as she can remember. At a young age she lived on a street she affectionately named Hill Street Blues, which helped her creative writing. Her Family moved to Menan where she continued her love of writing. Her father would always be and will continue to be her ins…