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‘City Break In Athens’ is now LIVE on Amazon, B&N, IBooks and more

I’m beyond excited to let you know that my first book City Break In Athens is now available on all major online bookstores. City Break in Athens is a travel guide to the city of Athens, Greece and I worked hard so it becomes the best friend for those who’re planning a trip to our beautiful city.

It’s the first instalment in a travel books series I’m planning to publish under the umbrella of Yia Su!, I brand I founded a few years ago aiming to provide solid advices to travellers to Athens. I’m going to share with you my experiences as I’m taking my first steps into the self-publishing industry in my future posts.

For now all I want to do is take a big breath and enjoy a glass of cold white wine.

So, that’s how it feels to be a published author… (she exhaled exhausted).

City Break in Athens is now available for sale on:
amazon.comScribd.comBarnes & Noble.comiBooks (Apple)HiveTheCopia.comCiando

Elissa Daye and Her Destiny Divas

What happens when you are In Flames? What happens when you are In Chains? Are you In Rapture or you are in The Land of the Shadows?

Author Elissa Daye has the answer.
But who exactly is Elissa Daye? "Mother, writer, lover, fighter. All of these things ring true at one point or another during my day. I grew up in Southern Illinois and grew a strong love of reading as soon as I could pick up a book. This love grew over the years and I started learning that I could create worlds for others to get lost in as well. I’ve never turned back once I completed the first book". What was the turning point of your life and how did you decide to focus on your writing? "When I realized that I had become a teacher just because everyone else thought I would be good at it. It wasn’t what I really wanted to do. Sure, I loved working with kids, but I hated the bureaucracy that came along with it. I had always said I’ll write in my spare time, but teaching took everything from me one piece at…

A.D. Starrling, our new darling author

I won't hesitate to admit it: A.D. Starrling is one of my newly favourite authors. And that's not something that comes often out of my mouth. Soul Meaning was the first A.D. Starrling's book I ever read and I understood that we're dealing with a talented author that only needs to get matured (my review will be posted soon on a new book blog a friend and I are launching). It didn't take much time to this author to grow up and offer us a great reading experience: Greene's Calling (4.7/5 stars in my recent review). Today A.D. Starrling, who is on her blog tour, stops to my blog. Let's read what she says about Highlander, Mauricius, and mythology, what she thinks about self-publishing and what number 17 means to her. And if you read it through the end, there is a tour wide giveaway for everyone. Author is giving away on $25 dollar GC from Amazon & (1) set of SIGNED oversized Paperbacks to another lucky winner! 
‘James Bond meets Highlander’, ‘a bloody season…

My Review: Greene’s Calling, by A.D.Starrling

GREENE’S CALLING Number of pages: 392 Genre - Urban Fantasy / Action / Mystery Published – June 16, 2014
It's hard to be an immortal. You can't find peace not even you live in a remote Amazon swamp. Immortal hottie Greene lives quietly with his dog, for who he gave his life (literally), until an aeroplane fall on his head - almost. Soon he finds himself in the Oval Office and then across the pond pursuing an elusive organization hell-bent on shifting the power balance of the world. 'A plane fell out of the sky and ruined my fishing day' Greene's Calling is A.D. Starrling's third book and the most mature one. It is the third instalment in the award winning, supernatural thriller series Seventeen - seventeen as how many lives an immortal can live. I like a book when I feel that the author had enjoyed every moment spent writing it. And I'm sure A.D. Starrling had a great time. It's obvious she did a lot of research in order to describe accurately historica…

City Break in Athens, my humble first book

And book it is. Or booklet if you prefer. After three months of writing, studying and researching here it is: my very first book, a travel guide for the city of Athens, Greece. Collecting all the information needed for writing this travel guide wasn’t difficult at all to me. I had already gathered it while working for Yia Su, a successful travel service for those who want to plan their trip to Athens. What was most challenging to me was bringing this book to life. English is my second language, so proofreading was essential. And maps; non travel guide should be published without maps in it.
I struggled to find a solution and by the time I hit a desperation point, there was a revelation:
I had never heard of Fiverr before until I came across one of my Twitter friends tweet. That was it. Now I wasn’t only able to hire skilled proof-readers and I also could work with talented map creators! And that happened only a month ago.
As soon I got my stuff proof-read and my maps crea…

Bethany Shady: From Lost to Greek Compass with an... Interview

Can you really believe that it's been four years since the Lost finale? For six year we've been trying to understand what was going on that mysterious island. I was searching for new theories online when I discovered Geronimo Jack's Beard, the podcast that our beloved "dude" Hurley and his in real life sweetheart, Bethany Shady had created.

 Lost is history but I kept following Beth on Facebook and Twitter, as she turned to be a witty girl with imagination and great sense of humour! Recently Beth celebrated the publication of her first book, The Interview by James Leigh! Who really is Beth and why she has a moustache? She explains everything in this exclusive interview:

Q. To us Lost fans, you are a very familiar person and maybe a subject of jealousy! You see you were an extra in several episodes of the show, portraying either a survivor of Flight 316, or an an Iraqi woman, even a party guest during Hurley's surprise birthday. Being part of one of the big…

Kemberlee Shortland's step-by-step guide for aspiring authors

In modern world people feel the intense need of self expression. The rapid development of modern technologies have given people the opportunity to express themselves artistically in a easier way. The book industry couldn't be an exception and aspiring authors have much more opportuinities to see their books being published. But what are their options? Kemberlee Shortland, author of the Irish Pride series and part owner in Tirgearr Publishing, provides a step-by-step guide to to every aspect of publishing with some solid advices on self publishing. - Ok Kemberlee, let’s say I’ am an aspiring author, which I am, and I have just finished my very first novel. I want of course to get it published. I don’t have an agent; I don’t think a traditional publisher would be interested in my work, so everything leads to self-publishing. Does that make sense to you? I understand how some people would think self-publishing is the only answer. But you need to ask yourself why you thi…