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Forbidden … and yet. The black vial calls to you.


“Mark my word,” Dr. du Monique said, “One third of your team will fall to Midnight—and this black vial will be the cause of it.”

Robyn, Kit, and Cam are called to be on the Elite Skyborn Warrior Team, but the Legend’s prophecy points a guilty finger—three of the nine are destined to turn on the prince. They swear none of them would ever fall, but the vial has a secret, mesmerizing appeal.
While learning to control their powers, their younger siblings, Shirley, Grace, and McCoy, are taught to spy on suspected magic-users and turn them in to the police. When the older kids discover a plot to kill Mr. Fischer, they must use advanced skills they’ve secretly cultivated—skills that could push them over the edge into Midnight.
Will they be the ones to fall to the dark side, or will their younger siblings have them arrested before their mission is complete?
A Doorway Back To Forever: TRUST, is the perfect sequel to BELIEVE. It takes two families on an adventure to Midnight and back that challenges their ability to trust who they are, why they are here, and what they’ve been chosen to do. Do you have the courage to join them?
“Nanette O’Neal spins another great tale of faith, this time asking who can resist temptation—would you pass the test?” Kary Oberbrunner, author of ELIXIR Project.

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Nanette O’Neal has had a long time passion for the idea behind the Doorway series, stemming from her faith and her love of story. 

Her interests have always been strong in various creative endeavors, such as music, martial arts, science fiction, and fantasy. Having studied music in college, she made a career of teaching and directing various ensembles in the public and private fields for years. 

When she decided to tackle writing, she began an intense process of study and research in the craft, through the use of text books, online tutorials, chat and critique groups, as well as various workshops, conferences and retreats. 

The Doorway series consists of seven novels about faith, courage, and the power within the human soul. She contributes regularly to an inspirational column for a religious website, Ldsblogs.com, and maintains her blog, Nanette O’Neal’s Doorway, found at NanetteONeal.blogspot.com. 

Feel free to subscribe to her blog posts and to like her author page. Nanette loves her husband and family, her faith, the mountains, aviation museums, Star Trek, and dogs.

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Character Casting
Shirley, Grace, and McCoy
In TRUST, the story continues with Robyn, Kit, and Cam developing their magic-sense skills, but as they do, their younger siblings discover the secret. These three kids rise up and take the stage with a lot of spunk, humor, and creativity!
Shirley Eeberheem is Kit’s younger sister. A ten-year-old walking logic-machine, she’s been given the nickname of Sherlock. She isn’t sure she believes what she’s been taught in school—that magic is evil—because the facts don’t add up. She taps into her “inner Sherlock” and creates the Junior Detective Club with her younger brother McCoy and her best friend Grace. They secretly spy on their older siblings to exonerate them from all things magical—until they get swept up in the magical world themselves!
Grace Eeberheem is Robyn and Cam’s younger sister. She looks up to Shirley, wanting to be the best Watson to her Sherlock in the Junior Detective club. She is skeptical of Shirley’s plan at first because her mother hates magic and won’t even let them say the word in their home. But like a good detective, she listens to Shirley and learns to separate fact from fear. She’s nine years old and gets a real kick out of McCoy—which helps keep Shirley from throwing her little brother out of the club when he acts like a goof ball.
McCoy Eeberheem is an eight-year-old tank of a boy who is the comic relief in the club. He has a dramatic flair and knows how to push Shirley’s buttons—which makes Grace laugh every time! He’s a sweet spirit who tries his best to behave, but sometimes lets his sense of humor take over. Despite his goofiness, his magic-sense is well developed, even beyond Shirley and Grace’s, which makes him a perfect candidate for becoming a Skyborn warrior.
Coach White, Miss Mazy, and Dr. du Monique
Robyn, Kit, and Cam enter elite warrior training in the Kingdom of Forever and discover their magical teachers are people they already know from home! Wouldn’t it be cool to find out your teachers have secret, magical powers and will train you to develop yours?
Coach Horace White is the football coach at the high school in Tallisete. He is a tall, dark-skinned, African American man with pearly white teeth. He has a deep voice and loves to tease the kids in class, especially the ones who are also on his football team back home. He has a motto—to be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late. He is a High Skyborn who wants the team to succeed.
Miss Dianna Mazy is the orchestra leader for Junior High School. She’s young, bouncy, and yet she’s tough—she has to be since she fought all her life to be a Skyborn. She keeps her magic-sense hidden in the real world, but finds ways to express it, like having the orchestra warm up to the melody from the Song of the Orb. She protects her team on both sides of the doorway.
Dr. Claude du Monique is the science teacher at the Junior High school who is … hygienically challenged! Nicknamed Dr. Doom by the students, he sneezes a lot, uses his sleeve instead of a hankie, twirls his eyebrow hairs, and does other little things that gross out the class. He seems to be the only one who isn’t rooting for the success of the team because he insists on pointing out the theme of the Legend—one third of the class will fall to Midnight. He’s bound and determined to watch the Legend unfold no matter which three warriors are the ones to fall.



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